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Looking Glass - Vol.4 (cd)

Year : 2016

Label : Goatsound

Description : What do you get from a band who cite their influences as the Mahavishnu Orchestra and Rush as well as Cathedral, St. Vitus and Black Sabbath? Well, in the case of Australian trio Looking Glass and their new release "Volume 4", what you get is a kick-ass album full of progressive metal complexity cut with a large swathes of sludgey grit and feisty stoner attitude.

Before I Hang 05:09
Ghost Of A Hand 06:29
Alchemist Of Prague 01:26
Second Winter 03:45
Sleeper Cell 04:27
Bred In Captivity 11:21
Reprisal 05:38
17 Skulls 01:05
The Hearse 05:10
Choronzon Rising 01:51
The Dirge 08:04
Beneath Golgotha 05:31