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Burn Thee Insects - Droid Intelligence (cd)

Year : 2015

Label : Twin Earth Records

Description : Members of stoner rock outfit OPERATOR GENERATOR are caught up in this weird, exciting, so-cool-and weird-you-can’t-help-but-listen project BURN THEE INSECTS. Irresistibly dark and spacey harmony clouds the path on an intergalactic desert voyage. Moments of face melting dirge slather the atmosphere as the demented droid-rage vocal howls grace the starship speakers on their way to outerspace...The space factor is high, the fuzz runs deep... Droid Intelligence will have you begging for breath as the weight of the tripped out fuzz buries your brain with venomous riffs and eccentric groove.

Hydroponics 03:13
Concrete Pillow(Pretty Comfortable) 03:01
A Dinner With Fontaine(Darkest Wheel) 05:07
Distorted Seclusion 02:46
Through The Fog 03:35
Slow Cookin' 03:58
An Insignificant Planet Of Yellow 03:04
A Prescription To Burn 03:30
A Swarm Of Bees 02:36