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☝ Ozium Records – your home for stoner rock, progressive rock and fuzz rock CDs, vinyls, LPs and mp3s & streaming of great records & albums.

It all started back in 2011 when the Ozium Records online store entered the progressive rock universe.

In 2012 we released our first CD album with the Swedish band Lugnoro. The album "Annorstädes", with a mix of heavy Black Sabbath influenced riffs and 70's progressive rock, sold out quickly; but it's still available for streaming and mp3 for the progressive rock connoisseurs out there. 

This is what we do

Still today, Ozium Records is both a record label and an online store with CD, vinyl, streaming and mp3 downloads. We live and breathe heavy stoner rock and fuzz rock.

The vision has always been to promote bands, music and albums that we love, and to promote great bands like Samurai, Mamont, Arrowhead, Haddock and many more. We are planning several new releases in the near future. 


* 2016: Vokonis - Olde One Ascending 
* 2016: Bad Acid - Revelations Of The Third Eye
* 2016: Haddock - Danse Macabre
* 2015: Ponamero Sundown - Veddesta
* 2015: Öken - Öken
* 2015: Haddock - Haddock
* 2014: Heroinne - Interstellar Grade Octainne
* 2014: Mamont - The Valleys Below
* 2013: Alonzo - Vrångvisor
* 2013: Mamont - Passing Through The Mastery Door
* 2012: Lugnoro - Annorstädes

Keep in touch!

Just enjoy the music and keep in touch at info@oziumrecords.com and at our Facebook page where we always post the latest news and releases.

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