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All Alone - Vol.1 (cd)

Year : 2015

Label : DIY

Description : All Alone are a Polish group that has recently released their first full length which consists of eight compositions. You know, bearings and comment in the style of "As if you had to play in this style, it is call us." Attention is drawn primarily stoner-ish characteristic rhythm section, which is definitely a key determinant of 
the genre and she swings around the business. Guitars according to its surrender and sound classic dirty, and maybe even a little more. Being with them, it is worth paying particular attention to the great leading riff and solo "Last Night Memories". , All Alone works in the City Two Family Crest five years and were certainly lost
years. Music created by Bielsko citizens, although the composer's masterpiece has come a long way, it looks good. The energy contained in it is natural, effortless. This album results are very encouraging and I hope it is a harbinger of even better future, Fingers crossed!  HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

Save Me From Myself 03:56
Between The Lies 04:05
Last Night Memories 05:44
Taking The Town 06:32
Turning Black 03:21
Fury 04:46
Space Road 08:31
Ninth Storm 05:55