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Wreck Plus - Riding The Derelict (cd)

Wreck Plus - Riding The Derelict (cd)

Year : 2016

Label : DIY

Description : Wreck Plus is a slow and heavy hard rock band very much in the vein of Black Sabbath. While the sound is definitely a hard rock emphasis there are also stoner and even doom elements that can not be left out when describing this band. The bluesy licks provide nice decoration for a very solid overall sound. The riffs
are slow yet still upbeat. In many ways these guys combine the more punchy elements of Deep Purple with slower bands like Sabbath. The vocals have a very gritty edge to them, in some ways its a combination of Phil Lynott and Lemmy. They add a really nice quality to the band and are definitely in the spirit of the music. In conclusion, this is a really cool band who is definitely worth checking out!

Digital Agresseion 3:35
Flying Dutchman 5:02
Superpower Vindicator 4:08
The Wreck 4:43
Priestess Of The Oddity 3:56