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Goatfather - Hipster Fister (cd)

Goatfather - Hipster Fister (cd)

Year : 2016

Label : DIY

Description : GOATFATHER is a little encounter of goat's milk, motor oil and bourbon of contraband in a rusty shaker ... it's not me who says it, it's the group itself. Then, knowing that the group is Lyon, the bourbon of smuggling ... nevertheless, exaggerate nothing and remain measured. But this defines quite well enough
the intentions of the group, and rather not too bad also Hipster Fister, first opus of the group that had previously signed a demo 3 titles of which comes out"As The Crow Cries" which immediately follows the introduction To this album. Musically, little suprise to wait, we swim in the territorial waters of a CORROSION OF CONFORMITY for the Rock side, an ORANGE GOBLIN for a few lead lines smoked enough in the mind, a DOWN for choirs to Several voices intelligently placed, and even a little to METALLICA, notably by the singing of Yann, which shows however some signs of weakness ( "A Road Paved With Corpses", a forced strand on the verses). What is most surprising is that this production is fairly clean and clinical rather far from the habits of style, the guitars lack
attachment and biting (and also a rather personal sound) and we would have liked that they hold A little more of the fat of the Rosette of Lyon, you see ... However, let us note the quality of interpretation (this end of "A Road Paved With Corpses" pulling on KARMA TO BURN for example), impeccable variation Rhythms and atmospheres during this album while keeping a coherence, so "Devil Inside", with a riffing more typed Hard / Heavy, contains a refrain typically Stoner Metal. This Hipster Fister is a very good first step for this group which seems to have the means to impose its music because of its qualities, although it remains perfectible, but let time to the group, but also everything there is Around, the four fellows seem to know where they are going and give themselves
the means. To discover without restraint for the amateurs of Stoner Rock / Metal.

Thirty-Three (Seconds to Hell) 00:33
As The Crow Cries 03:59
Rebel Ways 05:26
Hipster Fister 04:27
A Road Paved With Corpses 05:23
Devil Inside 04:39
The Betrayer 05:08
The Devil Made Me Smoke His Bong 07:32