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V A I L S - Galactic Triceratops (cd)

Year : 2015

Label : When Planets Collide

Description : The Welsh duo (bassist/vocals Owen Street, drummer Matthew Ham) kick of the record with ‘Sally’s In Love’, showcasing a combination of doom vocals set over slow burning sludge lines that explode with the force of an army, and considering they’re a duo, that’s a hell of an impressive feet, you couldn’t even guess it was bass
guitar led if I hadn’t just spoilt it for you before. Highlight of the record, and probably song title of the year, is ‘Megatron’s Telethon’ (told you) with it’s  crushing riffs and suffocating vocals creating a euphoric moshing experience that just feels like adrenaline coarsing through your veins.

Sally's In Love 04:01
Megatron's Telethon 03:45
Galactic Triceratops 03:57
Heterodyne 03:22
Don't Poke The Bear 06:14