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Wooden Nomad - Pain Is A Source Of Light (cd)

Year : 2015

Label : DIY

Description : Sometime around the beginning of this decade, relationships formed and inspiration surged between guitarist Angelo Miles, bassist Angel Chavez, drummer Danny Fitz and vocalist Tim Straw. They decided to shake loose the dirt from their deep metal roots, and harvest a new sound. The result was what they like to refer to as “heavy-ass rock’n roll”. With connections in Palm Desert, CA — birthplace of Kyuss and its many descendants — they knew that recording anywhere else wouldn't be right. Eight  months and many desert treks later, their first full-length, "The Sound of Earth," debuted. Recorded by the band's longtime friend, Brad Garrow of Dead End Studios, it came with a mandate: “Play Super Loud.” Late into 2013, with two more years of life and musical brotherhood behind them, Wooden Nomad returned to the low-desert region of Southern California to write and record "Pain As a Source of Light." Lush and molten as the band's debut, the follow-up further showcases Straw's visceral vocal confessions and Miles' complex, soulful guitar work in tandem with the heavy metal thunder that drives it all home. Violent and redemptive, muscular and refined, Wooden Nomad’s calling card is versatility. Brutally honest sonic exorcisms performed with primal fearlessness make this band a force to reckon with. No, this is not your standard hard rock/metal hybrid, it's a new strain — and its dank as fuck. Pain As a Source of Light due for release Early September 2015. Influences of : (early) Queens Of The Stone Age, (early) Truckfighters, And Greenleaf. PRE-ORDER