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Sinoptik - Interplanet Overdrive (cd)

Year : 2016

Label : DIY

Description : The most powerful emerging Ukrainian rock band according to The Global Battle of the Bands 2016 releases a concept album. It was born in grim of post-Soviet residential districts by people desperately seeking for hope and consolation in majestic space theme. Visionary dreams and wildcat reality woven together in a dense tangle of psychedelic trance and guitar riffs. «Interplanet Overdrive» is kind of a road movie about interplanetary travel where each listener is free to invent his own image. Digital Stoner meets Psychedelic Rock. Three generations of rock'n'roll in one shot.

Mother Song 04:35
White Cats 06:00
Lazy Morning 04:30
Brother 07:52
Hail 03:44
I.O. 05:01
Crop Circles 08:00