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Thundering Herd (papersleeve cd)

Thundering Herd (papersleeve cd)

Year : 2016

Label : Jailhouse Bones

Description : Built from the only salvageable parts from multiple defunct bands in a garage on a dead end street full of hot rod parts and liquor stills, Thundering Herd are poised to bring the world a brand of hard rockin' stoner metal that oozes 50 weight oil and reeks of white lightning. A three piece beast of blistering guitar, hammering drums, and pounding bass from the Bull City of Durham, North Carolina.

Thundering Herd 03:26
Stars, Bars, And Mason Jars 04:45
Dead And Gone 04:30
One Shot Down 03:42
CH3NO2 04:57
Aces And 8's 03:57
Silence Is Deafening 00:45
Chopper 03:13
50W Soul 04:45
Some Assembly Required 06:23
Generally Better 03:43