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Santonegro - Derailing (cd)

Year : 2015

Label : DIY

Description : This is one of those albums that you’d listen to if you were just on a long drive and wanted some nice rock to listen to all the while. Santonegro’s new and debut
album, “Derailing”, has a real crunch to it that I don’t find a lot in the world of stoner rock, but I welcome it graciously as all five tracks off of this record have a great sound that any real rock fan out there can agree with at any time of the day. The vocals have a really nice flow to them that for whatever reason I only hear from bands that come out of Spain, which Santonegro is as well, and that really helps give “Derailing” an interesting sound and feel. Them being mixed with the guitars that have a real crunch to them and the steady beating of the drums creating a sound that is something that only stoner rock can really accomplish with its style being complex and simple at the same time that can leads to albums such as “Derailing”. This is a nice debut that proves rock is very much still alive especially if you look to other countries such as Spain in this instance.

Mom 05:26
I Tell You 04:28
Thief Of Smiles 04:56
Drive My Life 05:41
Old Station 05:01