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Methadone Skies - Colosseus (jewelcase cd)

Methadone Skies - Colosseus (jewelcase cd)

Year : 2016

Label : Haywire Records

Description : 2015 was a successful year that saw METHADONE SKIES performing succesful shows in several countries that include Germany, Austria, Italy or Serbia, where the band secured slots at Tube Cult Fest, Exit Festival, Feed Your Head Festival or Revolution Festival with the likes of BLACK RAINBOWS, BELZEBONG, CARONTE, 1000 MODS, SHORES OF NULL, COOGANS BLUFF and TRIPTONUS to name a few. To maintaim the momentum they have entered the studio to record a handful of new tracks. After months of fine tuning, at the beginning of April, the leading Romanian psychedelic/stoner rock/metal act METHADONE SKIES will release it's 3rd full length, aptky titled "COLOSSEUS". The follow-up to the critcally acclaimed "eclectic electric" sees the band further exploring a heavier sound, that adds several stoner metal, progressive and doom influences to the mix, in order to create cohesive yet wandering journey. Expansive odysseys like "Mastr Of Convulsions", "
The Elemental" of the massive title track jump from one style to another to constantly keep the listener intrigued, while "Moscufo" burst with dirty riffs that bring KARMA TO BURN to mind. At the heart of these songs lies "Ruse" a lush ambient ditty that showcases something completely new from METHADONE SKIES !!!

The Elemental
Master Of Convulsions