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Lasse Reinstroem - Maza Wakan (cd)

10 EUR
Year : 2016

Label : DIY

Description : Spacy and noisig is the beginning. It is expected in this band name with an endless river streaming music - like Joyce a "stream of consciousness". The casual guitar intros and lanky-sloppy vocals give an exciting mix of all tracks dominate the guitar blast. Melodic licks and humming Extros, to long improvisations
- which gives a cool mixture, which still has discoveries even after repeated listening. Here LASSE REINSTROEM creating wide spaces for sounds that are almost always slower than expected and build tension, which are solved by singing and strange sounds. A surprising, intense and worth listening through and through
album - in which even resonates a bit stoner rock. Angular and really cool.

Wonderfool World
Maza Wakan I
Maza Wakan II
Alarm Alarm