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Lasse Reinstroem - II

10 EUR
Year : 2011

Label : DIY

Description : In such a band name most listeners expect certain Scandinavian bands with like Dungen folk rock, but no - Lasse Reinstroem are Dresden and have gained a formidable reputation in a very short time. The second album and this was consistently producing DIY, which manifests itself most in an economical version in
a cardboard sleeve. The production itself but is sophisticated and dense and internal flaws can be excluded, since the CD was pressed decent. The band with her two guitarists, a bassist and the drummer only recently eingesprungenen moves on winding paths between blues, psychedelic rock and desert, but without
becoming an interchangeable post rock band. This combination of stoner desert wind, partly sunken, running guitar sound together with changing instrument sounds and sung songs and equally quick-tempered noise moments alongside bemused Trips has been well received. Obviously the band has together as a good and
found their sound with what just particularly comes into its own with the spontaneous in the studio rehearsed jam sessions. RECOMMEND !!

Ride The Devils Way 06:20
The Black, The Thunder & The Hills 05:31
Elbeglocken 00:30
Steamroller (Jam) 06:05
I & I 04:59
Eiswurmlager 06:18
Howlin Wolf 04:43
Spitzke 04:30
Australia 02:32
Drifting & Mourning 04:35
Gayathri Mantra (Jam) 11:49