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Green Yeti - The Yeti Has Landed (cd)

12 EUR
Year : 2016

Label : DIY

Description :  Green Yeti is a three-piece Stoner Doomed Psych Rock band from Athens, Greece, formed in early 2014. Finally after a long time, here's a band that plunges you into Tartarus with its music! Every second of this disc is a small ode to doom metal! Of course it could not be another way for Green Yeti, a band formed from the ashes of Brotherhood Of Sleep and Stonenrow. The Yeti Has Landed pops like a comet and leaves behind only ashes and debris, no living organism. From the speakers springs a sonic mass to swallow. The album is a fucking living organism whose aim is to erode, to be sucked inside and to devour without mercy! Only death and destruction! The album starts with the title track and just as the title indicates, Green Yeti is here to stay and destroy. The piece unfolds with sixteen minutes of Doom Metal madness. The vocals are a continuous trip, howling and reverb soaked. The Bass is breathtaking, and the drums are able to destroy an entire block with every blow. The guitar screams and whales and the riffs are fuzzy and thick as fuck. The "Acari" then comes to provide even greater pleasure to our ears and nourish our hearts with darkness. It's yet another epic seventeen minute trip and does not bore, as its creators keep you awake, without falling in the trap of repetition. Next comes album centerpiece Old Man. Old Man is the longest track here, clocking in at almost 20 minutes! As one would expect from the runtime, the song is a massive slab with slow intense riffs. It feels like time is standing still while listening to this beast. This is Kyuss meets Electric Wizard and melts your fucking brain as you would expect. The closing track Uppervols finishes off this 4 headed monster with more of the same. Extreme fuzzed out slabs for guitar riffs and reverb soaked howling vocals continue the acid trip through space. The Yeti Has
Landed is one fucking freight train of a debut. With only 4 tracks and clocking in at over 1 hour this beast is sure to make your head explode.

The Yeti Has Landed 16:28
Acari 17:35
Old Man 19:21
Uppervols 09:06