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Demonic Death Judge - The Descent (cd)

12 EUR
Year : 2011

Label : Inverse Records

Description : The ever so wonderful fall is upon us. Leaves are turning yellow and everyone's pretty much pissed off. So we ask you, that what would be a better way to relieve yourself from this anxiety than to listen to stoner fueled sludge from the blackest of the black category? Screaming and distorded guitars are familiar to the band from a span of ten years by working with such groups as the death metal band Total Devastation and the stoner classic Kaihoro. Demonic Death Judge has found their audience through successful self-released EP's and has had the opportunity to be around the big boys by playing together with bands such as Shrinebuilder, Ufomammut 
and Truckfighters. Put together with a massive lo-fi sound, this totem of an album is a sure way to make the built up tension go away. If you are a fan of buzzing riffs and full-blown melancholy, come and dive with us to the cold waters of negativity and embrace it's bliss. Stick that in your pipe and smoke it, this is heavy shit!

The Descent
Stick That In Your Pipe And Smoke It
Green Totem
None Of It