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Demonic Death Judge - Skygods (cd)

12 EUR
Year : 2012

Label : Inverse Records

Description : I've never been a fan of growled or screamed vocals in any music, but I have to say that the second I hear Skygods I was sold on DDJ. The music, which is supremely presented with tongue in cheek attitude, heavy riffage and melodic variations, interludes and all sorts of earcandy, supports the vocals in such a brilliant way as 
to make this album, and especially the track Skygods, a powertrip that's going to be hard to rival.

Skygods 05:19
Salomontaari 07:40
Latitude 01:27
Knee High 05:52
Aqua Hiatus 06:38
Cyberprick 05:45
Nemesis 04:45
Pilgrimage 09:59