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Bible Of The Devil - The Diabolic Procession (cd)

Year : 2006

Label : Cruz Del Sur Music

Description : The Diabolic Procession is another step forward for the Chicago band, just as Brutality, Majesty, Eternity was before. In the past, it could be argued that the
harmonized guitars were as much Thin Lizzy as they were Iron Maiden. On Diabolic , it’s distinctly Murray/Smith in execution, and it serves as the driving force behind the album’s nine songs. Bible of the Devil has written the perfect soundtrack to children being sent to die for someone else’s twisted ideological beliefs. Seriously, there’s not a bad track on this album. Back to the Iron Maiden comparison, The Diabolic Procession is their Number of the Beast. Or their Powerslave. Or whichever one you love the best. It’s savage and unrelenting and highly recommended.

Ecclesia Novorum Innocentium 01:58  
Sepulchre 03:53  
Orphans Of Doom 05:10  
Millenialism 04:46  
Legions Of The Oriflamme 03:21  
The Elusive Miracle 06:56  
Heinous Corpus 04:24  
Judas Ships 04:37  
Slaves 07:27