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Mutonia - Wrath Of The Desert (cd)

Year : 2015

Label : DIY

Description : Mutonia were born in Ceprano (Italy) in the 2009. The band is formed by Prostin (vocals/guitar), Fabio Teragnoli (bass guitar) and Maurizio Tomaselli (drums). Since the early days the band has always worked only on original songs. In the 2011 they record a live CD (with all their italian punk tracks) called: "Mutonia Live  2010-2011". In the 2012 they record in studio a demo called: "Gain From Waste", that marks the transition from italian punk to an alternative rock with english lyrics. After a lot of gigs with the demo ("Gain From Tour") for almost two years, they decide to write new songs, refinding in the stoner rock, their roots. In the 2014 they released "Blood Red Sunset" their first album, that is a concept album that talks about an imaginary soldier called "Lucky Jordan" and his life. The record receive good feedbacks from the fans thanks also to the two singles: "Blood Red Sunset" and "Rage", published on You Tube. The band after an year playing the album across the region, ends the "Blood Red Tour". Wrath Of Desert is their followed up release and it's way heavier, will thi take them to an bigger scene? I believe so and hope !!!

To 3 To 4 03:31
Lonely Soul 03:34
Still(Yourself) 03:48
M.E.T.H. 03:45
Thunderstorm 03:07
Among The Gale And The Desert 05:24
Meat For Voltures 03:33
Coward 04:58
The Prodigal Son 03:51