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Mamont - Passing Through The Mastery Door (CD & streaming/mp3)


Year: 2012

Label: Ozium Records

Debut album from excellent new band from Nyköping/Stockholm. An excellent 8 tracker that includes all the delicious early 70's guitar grooves from early BLACK SABBATH, LEAF HOUND and WITCHCRAFT you could ever dream of! This quartet bends your mind with their sonic boom rythms.Thunder and lightning bring out heavy tunes of doom, insanity into psychedelia and stoner. The production have got a retro feeling, 70's rock had a revival during the latest twenty years, but what is that makes a band stand out in today's great variety of this kind of rock? Is it the encomprimising rawness of the psychedelia-based Sabbath riffs that once was written? Is it the vintage speakers, combined with pure analogue recording that the commercial scene lacks? Or is it just spelled MAMONT? Four enthusiasts from Stockholm/Nyköping, Sweden, have managed to shape a palette of doom-based rock with heavy fuzzy elements. The result is a full-length album called "Passing Through The Mastery Door" MAMONT offers us compositions of very high caliber mixing heavy doom, psychedelick rock and stoner. We find the vintage sounds, percussive riffs calibrated and thus following the footsteps of their early Black Sabbath cronies.

  • Mammuten 04:49
  • Jag Sår Ett Frö 05:32
  • Creatures 06:38
  • Blind Man (Part III) 06:18
  • Stonehill Universe 04:40
  • The Secret Of The Owl 05:10
  • Woods 02:53
  • Satans Fasoner 06:25

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