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Them Bulls - Them Bulls (cd)

15 EUR
Year : 2016

Label : Smallstone

Description : Having already shared stages with labelmates in Abrahma and Lo-Pan, Nick Oliveri and many others, Italian heavy rockers Them Bulls will release their debut full length, Them Bulls, on Small Stone Records later this Summer. In just over two years since forming early in 2014, Them Bulls have refined their approach
to their unique desert-style fuzz of their initial EP called Space Cadillacs, and have now brought their game to a new level entirely. Executed with melodic precision but a loose feel, the songs like “Pot Gun” and “Bandana, Carlos” nod at the poppy bounce of peak-era Queens of the Stone Age, while “Too Much Hot” offers an attitude all the band’s own and “We Must Live Up” drives the point home with rare emphasis for a band who are still so relatively new. Marking the debut with the band of second guitarist/backing vocalist Francesco Maria Pasi alongside founding vocalist/ guitarist Daniele Pollio, drummer Giampaolo Farnedi (Mondo Generator, Brant Bjork and the Bros.) and bassist Paolo Baldini, Them Bulls was recorded and mixed by Mattia Dallara at Deposito Zero Studio in April and mastered by Mathias Schneeberger. Them Bulls will be hitting many a stage in support of this release. For fans of: Deville, Queens Of The Stone Age, Lo-Pan Release date : August 26, 2016

As Fangs In Stone
Bandana, Carlos
Devil’s Kiss
Pot Gun
Too Much Hot
Made Of Ghosts
Twisted Tongues
Through The Sun
We Must Live Up
Just Another Please