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Son Of A Witch - Throne In The Sky (cd)

13 EUR
Year : 2016

Label : Kozmik Artifact

Description : It only took minutes plus "one restless dawn" for "Jupiter Cosmonaut" harshly spores in my brain, and thenceforward, by its cosmic fuzzy riffs and hefty bass'n'drums, i couldn't kill the latent idea of constantly associate the whole "Thrones In The Sky" with the space himself and its components: ulterior entities, glows, darkness, void, cold, lifeless, doom. With epiphany i still dare to say: "Thrones In The Sky" seems to be universe himself in a musical  sphere! I'll do this trip over and over!

Thrones In The Sky 10:23
Alpha Omega Astra 11:58
Far Away From Dreaming (Giant Spheres and Humanoids) 08:49
New Monster 10:08
Jupiter Cosmonaut 15:38