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Skunk Rider - Smoke Serpent

Year : 2015

Label : DIY

Description : Skunk Rider epitomizes badass rock in a down and dirty, back alley kind of way. Born in the narrow confines of a tiny studio crammed between a head shop and a
teriyaki restaurant, Skunk Rider spends much time in the alley--getting in touch with the roots of what the Seattle music scene needs to be all about.

Wait For The Night 04:11
We Ride 04:32
Medical Savior 04:57
Kansas City Gloryhole 05:18
Drug Cannon 03:23
Smoke Serpent 10:46
Time And Again 04:49
Transit Cop 04:59
The One On Which You Prey 05:38
Shanghaied In Portland 04:47
Earache My Eye 02:50