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Salem's Pot - Pronounce This! (cd)

13 EUR
Year : 2016

Label : Riding Easy

Description : Salem’s Pot releases honed doom riffs to perfection, Pronounce This! sees the band expanding its horizons to the far corners of imagination. It’s a hazy fever dream of dark, thrilling excess. It’s equal parts of The Cramps’ Psychedelic Jungle, Pentagram’s Relentless, Roky Erickson’s The Evil One and The Stooges Raw
Power, as much heirs to Deep Purple as Dead Moon… metal, garage punk, acid rock and a belladonna trip gone wrong. It’s not heavy metal, this is a mutant monster that cannot be tamed. releases July 1, 2016

Tranny Takes A Trip
Just For Kicks
The Vampire Strikes Back (album version)
Coal Mind
So Gone, So Dead