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Loranes - Trust (digipack cd)

11 EUR
Year : 2015

Label : Noise Solution

Description : Hard to believe that this trio from Berlin to be new. Although it partially in the past have left powerful traces - no wonder if the bassist Mammut's and played bass for Kadavar. It's all about rock! To leather jackets and sunglasses. It's about style, baby! Garages romance a la Velvet Underground ... Your debut is called "Trust" and thrilled with its rugged charm, with powerful guitars and catchy hooks. In the debut of the trio lots of cross-references can be heard in the record boxes of the past, each pose a page from the large volume of photographs of rock music and yet, when the needle is set to the black discs, it grabs you and sounds fresh and new and intrinsically. Between garage rock, heavy blues and psychedelic, shrouded under all the distortion it are but catchy melodies that creep like a giant Jurassic Park earwig out of the speakers and settle. Fast, direct, raw and without major overdubs were recorded and  self-produced. It scratches, fuzzt and smells like Keller and glowing tube amplifiers.

Black Cat White Cat
Servant Of Fear
Dead End Road
Suicide Leaders
Lonely Girl
(hey) You Said
She Ain't You
Breathe In
Bore Me To Death