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Horehound - Horehound (cd-r)

Year : 2016

Label : DIY

Description : When it comes to death dealin’ doom metal and steroid pumped 70s riffs, never turn your back on the Steel City of Pittsburgh, man. One of the newest bands to pick up the flag in this proud lineage are the low slung, detuned bluesy doomers in Horehound. With a fat, gristly wall of twin guitars, molten rhythms and  the serpentine vocal hypnosis of Shy Kennedy, these asphalt burnin’ maniacs have a sound that comes off like a gang of Hell’s Angels wrecking head on into a tractor trailer. Where Horehound really excels is their unearthly ability to channel bruised melodies that are nailed upon a cross of pulverizing grooves,  demonic plodding and unexpected shifts in speed, tempo and texture. RECOMMEND !!!

World To Come 06:02
Sangreal 03:07
Crowns And Thrones 03:10
The Dead Don't Lie 06:13
Waters Of Lethe 06:41
Myope 03:02
Waking Time 05:04