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Haddock - Haddock

Year : 2015

Label: Ozium Records

Description : Heavy riffs, deep melodic bass lines and mesmerizing drum beats that will take you on a trip through awesome rock. The singer's superbly controlled voice keeps it all together, and occasionally kicks you in the face with banshee-like screams that somehow would put angels to shame.  Their blend of fuzzed out stoner rock reeks of influence from Spiritual Beggars, Dozer and Lowrider.Hints of doom, heavy psych and desert rock .
Favourite Track : Manhunter 

Collision Demolition 04:08
Unholy Smoke 03:32
Cruicifer 04:09
The Devil in These Guys 03:20
What Ghosts Around 03:20
Manhunter 04:29