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Gin Lady - Mother's Ruin (2 cd)

17 EUR
Year : 2013

Label : Transubstans Records

Description : The world prog fans shed tears when BLACK BONZO anounced their demise back in 2009. Most of them got their revival when GIN LADY rose from the ashes of BLACK BONZO, containing most members of BLACK BONZO. GIN LADY released their self titled debut back in 2012, and the reviwes were far better than fabolous ! Taking a step back towards the classic rock sounds, but still maintaining the unique sound of BLACK BONZO, one could not ask for a better debut album. Keeping the productive interest of creating new music GIN LADY now strikes back, attacking in full scale ! Not giving us a ordinary 40 minute album, but a album, clocking
in on more close to 70 minutes, we get the GIN LADY fever again !!

Mother's Ruin
Shine On (Song For Terry)
High Flyer
Learning How To Live
Den Of Wolves
I Head For The Mountains
All Because Of You
Listen What I Say
Sweet Misery
Rockin' Horse
Ragged Man Blues
Far From Being OK
Lipstick Woman
Thunder & Lightning
Big Bad Wolf