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Coogans Bluff - Gettin' Dizzy (digipack cd)

12 EUR
Year : 2014

Label : Noise Solution

Description : After the semi-mounted energy of the last album "Poncho Express", allows the tape drive, as they play on a porch on a midsummer day, while a warm rain heralded. They have operated at this location also a time machine, because 1970 was achieved and how clever! Heavy Soul, psychedelic blues and jazzy Funk are more coherent than ever before, the components of their dynamic sounds in which everything flows and yet austere flowing in composing good songs.

Why Did You Talk 02:59
Gettin' Dizzy 05:07
Heart Full Of Soul 03:00
Her Tears 04:37
Ellen James Society 04:12
Too Late 08:51
Things I Could Do 02:17
Money & Mess 04:46
Chicago 05:09