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Bright Curse - Before The Shore (cd)

11 EUR
Year : 2016

Label : Heviskie

Description : "Before The Shore" dives headfirst into the deep and darkened sea of brooding rock 'n' roll. Still riffing epic spectrums of dark and light but trading in the extended jams and out-and-out sounds of space rock, doom and metal found on their Bright Curse EP, for a more measured, and ultimately stunning approach. An
approach that brings with it the hypnotic soul of David Gilmour-esque guitar solos, blustering Iommi riffs and stirringly effective Deep Purple key sections. All of which pull Bright Curse up through the surface at a rate of knots and out into the open waters of contemporary rock 'n' roll greats such as Graveyard,  Kadavar and Colour Haze. Release date: 15.06.2016

Lady Freedom 04:59
The Shore 05:41
Cheating Pain 05:23
Walking In A Graveyard (Bloody Witch) 05:52
Candles And Flowers 06:35
Northern Sky 05:01
Earth's Last Song 08:11