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Boudain - Way Of The Hoof (cd)

11 EUR
Year : 2016

Label : Off The Record

Description : 'Way Of The Hoof' from Louisiana's stoner/metal band Boudain is an explosive journey of heavy music. It's wonderfully, overwhelmingly fat. This record's got the groove that'll make you move. A super power drum thunder and thick, wet guitar ensemble. imited to 500 copies. Too heavy for the weak of stomach, Boudain
is comin' atcha slowly and surely like an oncoming tractor intent on mowin' ya down into the sludge and all you can do is stand like a deer in the headlights, transfixed by the inescapable draw of the sound!

Sleazy Feats 04:13
Neptune 03:34
CODA 04:41
3 Man 04:52
First Class 03:12
The Mighty Turn Around 04:11
Disco Jimmy 07:52
Godzilla 05:59