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Bedowyn - Blood On The Fall (cd)

Year : 2015

Label : DIY

Description : These guys rock a dark stoner-metal sound which still manages to stick around in your head. A must have for fans of Beastwars or Mastodon. Sharp release, blends a lot from metal and hard rock all over into one solid effort --type of thing that makes me interested to hear what they do next, and that's always a strong sign. Each track has a good chunky swagger to it, hearing every word clearly while maintaining a rough edge is a fine balance, and it all builds up to a killer last track.

The Horde 01:17
Rite To Kill 05:53
Blood Of The Fall 04:51
Cotards Blade 04:55
Leave The Living For Dead 04:02
For A Fleeting Moment 02:58
Where Wings Will Burn 05:40
I Am The Flood 03:59
Halfhand 05:36
Lord Of The Suffering 06:23
The Horde (Exodus) 03:11