Get Ready For The Rock ‘N’ Roll Speedball by Acid’s Trip (Black LP)


Limited Edition Compact Disc


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  1. Trippin’ Balls
  2. Firestarter

About the band

“Fans of The Hellacopters, Imperial State Electric and Mc5! Acid’s Trip is the new Swedish rockband on everybody’s lips but they’re no newcomers when it comes to high performence rock shows!  With former guitarist of Honeymoon Disease in the front and a dynamite rythm section this Power Trio is taking over the garage rock scene and the music ooze with Electric Guitars, Rapid Riffs and Chopper Culture! Their new single “Rock’n’Roll Speedball” comes with a twist of furious motor engines and Gothenburg groove.  This band is from the past and the future – and the hype is a fact! With a strong fanbase allround Europe Acid’s Trip is now hittin’ the stages to reclaim the rockin’ vibes and fill your heads with groovy rock’n’roll! Experience this Power Trio and get knocked out!!”