Down Below by Alice Tambourine Lover (White LP)


Limited Edition Compact Disc


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  1. Down Below
  2. Dance Away
  3. Blow Away
  4. Follow
  5. Into The Maze
  6. Rubber Land
  7. Train
  8. Surround You

About the band

Wandering between lazy Mazzy Star/Cowboy Junkies atmospheres and more gritty moments reminiscent of Mark Lanegan, the comeback of Bologna-based duo ALICE TAMBOURINE LOVER lingers on their stripped down psych blues signature sound, this time plunging more on the psychedelic side, still keeping a folk-like authenticity.In their 4th LP “Down Below”, out via Italian heavy-psych rock label, dreamy vocals by Alice Albertazzi intertwine with Gianfranco Romanelli’s guitar textures, while occasional e-bow, leslie and harmonica phrases gently take the edge off. Dust and honey mix together in a dark homage to lysergic Nineties, a moody landscape where the hallucinated desert of Meat Puppets fades into Mojave 3’s desolated moorland.