Sabotage by Black Sabbath (CD)


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  1. Hole In The Sky
  2. Don’t Start (too late)
  3. Symption Of The Universe
  4. Meglomania
  5. Thrill Of It All
  6. Supertzar
  7. Am I Going Insane (radio)
  8. The Writ

About the band

 The music of Sabbath Bloody Sabbath managed to garner much disillusion after its release. It just wasn’t Black Sabbath, or at least, it wasn’t the Black Sabbath we knew. The album introduced a new side of the band that we had never seen before, a delicate side. It showed that beneath their sinister persona, lies a band that wonders if there is more to their music than aggressive riffs and ominous lyrics. We begun to see Black Sabbath expanding their typical approach, and experimenting with instruments and musical styles that were not associated with early Heavy Metal. The end result was received to diverse opinions, but nevertheless, it proved that Black Sabbath is far more abstract than the typical conjectures that surround its name. Sabotage, is not exactly an expansion of its predecessor’s ventures, but it’s also not a return to form. Instead off evolving, we find Black Sabbath regressing into past tendencies and fusing them with a better understanding of themselves and what they want to accomplish with their music.