Rocky Erickson & The Aliens by Roky Erickson (CD)


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  1. Two-Headed Dog
  2. I Think Of Demons
  3. I Walked With A Zombie
  4. Don’t Shake The Lucifer
  5. Night On The Vampire
  6. White Faces
  7. Cold Night For Alligator
  8. Creature With The Atom Brai
  9. Mine Mine Mine
  10. Stand The Fire Demon
  11. The Wind And More
  12. Bloody Hammer

About the band

 The album in question is many things, and high on the list is genius and disturbing. It opens with a pretty hard rocker, Two Headed Dog, which has some dark imagery. The next 4 songs in order are: I Think of Demons, I Walk with a Zombie, Don’t Shake Me Lucifer, and Night of the Vampire. From these song titles on side 1 you get the picture of the lyrical basis and thought going on in his mind and you might think you have a good idea of the sound of the musical accompaniment that comes with songs with these types of titles. Yes, very disturbing dark lyrics but upbeat popish music, that is catchy as hell, with great hooks. He was a rock star after all, a very accomplished one, he was not looking to make a statement, this was what was going on in his brain. Roky knew how to write a song and did it very well, but the gremlins were in his head and making him think of disturbing imagery. But he still wanted to tell a story and have it sound like rock music. One of my favorite songs on this album is The Creature with the Atom Brain, a sci-fi lovers dream, he knows how to paint pictures with his lyrics and does so incredibly on this song. He tells a story that could be a 50’s low budget drive in movie, but it was happening in real time in his head. I encourage anybody that is a lover of horror or science fiction to give this a spin, it is fantastic. Many could think of passing it off a cheesy attempt to hit a market in the early eighties, however if you know the story, you know this is Roky’s reality, and should be appreciated for the realness and emotion he puts into it. There is love, betrayal, hope, longing, and hopelessness abound, just in the setting of zombies, vampires, creatures, and 1 bloody hammer.