Powertrip by Monster Magnet (CD)


Limited Edition Compact Disc


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  1. Crop Circle
  2. Powertrip
  3. Space Lord
  4. Temple Of Your Dreams
  5. Bummer
  6. Baby Göttersämerung
  7. 19 Witches
  8. 3ed Eye Landslide
  9. See You In Hell
  10. Tractor
  11. Atomic Clock
  12. Goliath & The Vampires
  13. Your Lies Become You

About the band

New kings the psychedelic hardrock. Incl. “Crop circle”, “Powertrip”, “Space lord”, “Temple of your dreams”, “Bummer”, “Baby götterdämerung”, “19 witches”, “3rd eye landslide”, “See you in hell”, “Tractor”, “Atomic clock”, “Goliath and the vampires” & “Your lies become you”