Mule Variations by Tom Waits (CD)


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  1. Big In Japan
  2. Lowside Of The road
  3. Hold On
  4. Get Behind The Mule
  5. House Where Nobody Lives
  6. Cold Water
  7. Pony
  8. What’s He Building
  9. Black Market Baby
  10. Eyeball Kid
  11. Picture A Frame
  12. Choclate Jesus
  13. Georgia Lee
  14. Filipino Box Sprig Hog
  15. Take It With Me
  16. Come On Up In The House


About the band

Mule Variations is Waits at his best. It was his first album for Epitaph, so I don’t know if the change in scenery inspired him or if it was something else entirely, but whatever it was that got him going worked wonders. His next three albums, AliceBlood Money and Real Gone, have all had their moments, but none of them have been as consistent, or as rewarding, as this.