La Sexorcisto: Devil Music, Vol. 1 by White Zombie(CD)


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  1. Welcome To Planet Motherfu
  2. Knuckle Duster Radio
  3. Thunder Kiss ’65
  4. Black Sunshine
  5. Soul-Crusher
  6. Colmik Monsters Ink
  7. Spiderbaby (yeah-yeah-yeah)
  8. I Am Legend
  9. Knuckle Duster
  10. Thrust
  11. One Big Crunch
  12. Grindhouse
  13. Starface
  14. Warp Asylum


About the band

This album was my first White Zombie, and continues to be my favorite work by them. The sound of this album is hard to nail down to genre descriptions, but I would describe it as psychedelic groove metal, the riffs on most of the songs are entirely infectious and groovy, as in Thunderkiss 65, the drums also follow into the groove pattern. The vocals are Rob Zombies traditional gruff shouts, and raspy clean singing, and the lyrics are filled with references to the undead, anti religious sentiments, and general drug and sex references.