Heathen Witchcraft by Angel Of Damnation (CD)


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  1. Brimstone Sorcery
  2. Dragged To The Corture
  3. Gospel Of The Serpent
  4. Heathen Witchcraft
  5. Lord Of The Seven Churches
  6. Tear Of The Veil

About the band

It’s easy enough to call them a traditional doom band, but truly it goes beyond that. The focus is almost entirely on slow, creeping riffs that barely speed up at all, and it avoids the over-the-top thickness in guitar tone that many a stoner metal band will do. Rarely does the music do much in the realm of melody variance, rather it focuses on rhythms and drum fills to set the mood. The melody is introduced primarily by the lead vocalist, and his ranges are pretty impressive. Songs like “Dragged To The Torture Wheel” deliver lyrics in a way that conveys an unsettling emotion, by instilling suspense tacked onto the devious riffs.