Euphoria Morning by Chris Cornell (CD)


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  1. Can’t Change Me
  2. Flutter Girl
  3. Preaching The End Of This
  4. Follow My Way
  5. When I’m Down
  6. Mission
  7. Wave Goodbye
  8. Moonchild
  9. Sweet Euphoria
  10. Disappearing One
  11. Pillow Of Your Bones
  12. Steel Rain


About the band

For those of you that were totally blown away by Temple of the Dog years ago, the new Chris Cornell album picks up where that album left off. Chris writes and sings honest songs that have the tendency to rip you soul out. Chock-full of emotion, songs like “Preaching the End of the World” “Follow My Way” “Pillow of Your Bones” ,just to name a few, will get you addicted to this album! The heavy sound that was behind Cornell in SOUNDGARDEN is now stripped down, leaving the lyrics and Chris’ voice to carry the weight, and he does so with total power.