3-3-88 by Asylum (CD)


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  1. World In Trouble
  2. Mystified
  3. Time Bomb
  4. Road To Ruin
  5. Psych Ward
  6. Forgotten Image
  7. Nowhere
  8. Indecision
  9. Funk 51
  10. Unorthodox

About the band

Doom aficionados are well familiar with the name ASYLUM by now. Begun in 1981 and crafting a handful of super-cult demos during the lean years of the 1980s, ASYLUM eventually became UNORTHODOX in 1992 and released their classic debut album, fittingly titled Asylum, that year on the pivotal Hellhound label. As such, ASYLUM had a big hand in shaping the Maryland doom metal scene that would come to fruition in the ’90s and sow its influence worldwide.