Wolves In Haze by Wolves In Haze CD)


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  1. Need It, Find It
  2. Black Death City
  3. Into The Darkness
  4. Enjoy The Silence
  5. Wolves In Haze pt. I
  6. Great Deciever
  7. Sabbathage
  8. Madman
  9. Leaders
  10. Wolves In Haze pt. II
  11. TAB (Hellacoters cover)

About the band

A kick-ass power trio is quite probably the perfect stoner/metal rock formation. If there aren’t that many trios around, that’s because it’s a hard thing to pull off: with just three people having to nail the rhythmic fusion of bass and drums, the wild colours of guitar and the soul-grabbing focus of the human voice, there can be no passengers aboard. Extraordinary chemistry is essential. Everyone has to be right on it, and locked in. Which is why lots of trios fail, or cop out and recruit extras.