Walking Into The Forest by Pilgrim (LP)


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  1. Peace Of Mind
  2. The Time You Wait
  3. Sailor
  4. Dragonfly
  5. Sunset In The Desert
  6. Brainstorm
  7. Pendulum
  8. When I Call Your Name
  9. Secrets
  10. Suite #2

About the band

Walking into the Forestis a space-folk release with a personality unto itself. Songs like opener “Peace of Mind” evoke some of Fiori’s more rocking side,while “Sunset in the Desert” feels like an ode to the acoustic album Kyuss never made, and side B, which starts with the Hawkwind cover “Brainstorm” and ends with the
moody strum of “Suite #2” — originally from Void Generator’s 2004 debut EP; when Fiori was in the band — hones a cosmic drift and textures that nonetheless remain accessible and organic thanks to their acoustic foundation.


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