The Magician’s Keep by Goatriders (orange LP)


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  1. Golem
  2. Amitte Diem
  3. Hound Of The Gods
  4. Pitch Black Blues
  5. Songs From Mars

About the band

Goatriders is a four piece band from Linköping, Sweden. The band serves up a riffy mix of desert rock with plenty of hypnotic and spacey interludes.  The Magician’s Keep is released by Ozium Records. Mixed and mastered by friend of the band, Petter Kindström, the album clocks in at 36 minutes and is made up of five tracks. With each track between five and 10 minutes, the songs are on the longer side and each is an immersive experience of diverse and spacey sound textures. The album is characterized by walls of fuzz, psychedelic guitar tones, crisp and clear drums, a growly bass tone that isn’t afraid to explore the fret board, and lots and lots of groove. If you enjoy bands like Naxatras,  you will love what Goatriders has to serve up.