The Great Beyond by Great Beyond (yellow LP)


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  1. The Great Beyond
  2. Slip Away
  3. I’ll Do It Again
  4. The Ride
  5. Maddest Man
  6. Quit
  7. Trapped In The Net
  8. Living Shadows
  9. The Patient

About the band

The Great Beyond from Münster are now delivering the first long-player. 
What should one say? The guys once again pack a lot of great guitar sounds,
all of them arrested somewhere in the hearty 70s. In sum, however, the
songs gain a few facets in comparison to the predecessor: if "A Better
Place" was the stylish, but restrained-relaxed guy in a vintage shirt,
the part here is more like his best buddy with an official mat, fringed
jacket and neat beer thirst. Held the sophisticated lick thunderstorms
and soloing is still synonymous, but the whole thing changes now more
than ever before with parts that go with cool hard rock feeling forward,
always on the fine line between the punch of Queens of the Stone Age and
the casual playfulness of label mate Heat


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