Tender Is The Savage by Glucifer (lp) Used


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  1. I Got A War
  2. Chewin’ Fingers
  3. Ducktail Heat
  4. The General Says
  5. Hell Yeah
  6. Red Noses, Shit Poses
  7. Drunk & Pompous
  8. Rip-Off Strasse
  9. Dog Day, Dog Night
  10. Sputnik Monroe
  11. Exit At Gate Zero


About the band

Whatever you want to call it doesn’t matter, I suppose. What is undeniable is that in this scene emerging today out of Scandinavia are elements of a retro, supercharged melding of sounds and attitudes reminiscient of bands from the hard rock era of the seventies-bands such as The Stooges, MC5, and Ted Nugent. Norway’s own Gluecifer exemplifies the best traits of this genre of rock and roll with their most recent release, Tender Is The Savage. Loud but discernible guitar riffs and lead breaks with a battery of anthemic choruses will make anyone so inclined to give this album a listen, reach to crank up the volume. Needless to say, this is high octane stuff.


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