Rootstock by Crypt Trip (LP)


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  1. Heartslave
  2. Boogie No.6
  3. Aquarena Daydream
  4. Rio Vista
  5. Natural Child
  6. Tears Of Gaia
  7. Mabon Song
  8. Soul Games

About the band

Take a trip with “Rootstock”, the new album from the Texas natives Crypt Trip. You’ll find that the use of mind-altering substances is not necessary to feel the raw psychedelic power of the band’s sophomore effort. With its many peaks and valleys, “Rootstock” will take you on a journey through musical dynamics and
diverse musicianship. You will be confronted throughout with both high-energy rock and gentle moments of refined delicacy. No gimmicks. No strings attached. This is a simple and pure representation of three musicians in a collaborative effort to give you unfiltered Texas hard rock.


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