River Lord by Void Commander (Purple/White Swirl LP)


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  1. River Lord
  2. Stoner Eyes
  3. Worship Midnight
  4. AGN
  5. Fucked Up
  6. I’m Drowning
  7. Shrrom Bloody Shroom

About the band

I flew off to drift in a psychedelic trip through endless sound spaces. The sound on this album fits it into the history of the genre. I don’t remember anything like that with such a sound. In truth, the gods of sound! Lets ROCK! Massive tracks high on low end riffage and progressive with bluesy psychedelia. Void Commander shows no signs of sobriety on its trip through psychotropic fuzz. This album of shroom doom will be in my top albums of the year easily… In short : Void Commander fills that void existing between Black Sabbath and early Led Zeppelin with a heady blues based blend of laid-back fuzz and sun-drenched psychedelia.