Local Dogs by Doctor Cyclops (LP)


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  1. Lonely Devil
  2. D.I.A.
  3. Stardust
  4. Epicurus
  5. Wall Of Misery
  6. King Midas
  7. Stanley The Owl
  8. Druid Samahain
  9. Witche’s Tale
  10. Witchfinder General

About the band

Local Dogs is an explosive mixture of seventies heavy rock, New Wave of British Heavy Metal and obscure doomy sabbath-style stuff ready to take you back to the spirit of a different era. Groovy riffs and gloomy paths coming straight from the woods give you the impression that the epic saga of the Seventies ended up
in something different than a fleeting reflection of the past. If you like the early Deep Purple groove, try to imagine it mixed with the bluesy Graveyard mood played by Cathedral jamming on Budgie’s tunes in Witchfinder General’s practice room: then you should be close to realize the spirit and the power of this record. In this contest the featuring of Bill Steer (Carcass, Firebird, Gentlemans Pistols) on lead guitar just tastes like the cherry on top of a tempting cake.


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